Canfly 44F 52CC 44F-5 heavy duty ground earth auger drill

Short Description:

1.The power earth auger is going to make boring boles easier and faster for fence installation,tree and bulb planting and other outdoor needs. And The ground auger is widely used for planting digging in the seedling garden greening projects on slope, sand, and hard land, the peripheral unearthed of digging up big trees, digging holes of fence buried pile, fertilization burrowed of fruit trees, intertilling and weeding of landscaping projects, etc. 
2.The ground auger digs not less than 80 pits/h, and can dig 640 pits one day counted by 8 working hours, that is, it works more than 30 times as much as manual work. 
3.For intertilling and weeding, the digging width is greater than 50 centimeters, and the area is not less than 800 square meters/h, really accomplishing full automatic operation process.

Product Detail

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Engine Type: Two-stroke cooled 
Engine power: 1.7kw /6500rpm
Displacement  52cc
Clutch system: Automatic centrifugal
Fuel/oil mixture ratio: 25:1 
Fuel tank capacity: 1.1L
Driller diameter: 100/150/200/250/300mm
Drill length: 80cm/1m
Lding spend : 3000-3400rpm 
Max engine spend: 9000-9400rpm
Carburetor: Diaphgram 
Driving model:  Gear drive
Drive ratio: 25:1 
QTY: 100
Carton size 53.5*45*37.5cm
G.W 12kgs
N.W 10kgs

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