Advantages of The four stroke gasoline saw

The four stroke logging tool gasoline saw has several advantages:

1. It does not need to add pure gasoline in proportion, does not pull the cylinder, and is more durable, convenient and simple.

2. Imported crankshaft, super fuel saving carburetor, high temperature resistance, stable operation and fuel saving.

3. Add 58 double sweep large cylinders, which can work continuously with great power.

4. The imported split sprocket quenching clutch will not slip off the chain and work more stably.

5. The thickened and weighted fully frosted box is resistant to high temperature and falling, with good heat insulation.

6. The power reaches 12.9KW, the rotation speed reaches 25500, and the sawing speed is faster.

7. Automobile grade three-layer paper air filter element can better filter wood chips and prevent the carburetor from clogging.

8. Chrome plated piston is used, which can not pull the cylinder, has high power, high temperature resistance and low noise.

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Post time: Oct-09-2022