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As a native of Florida, in the hot summer, I can use almost any excuse to reduce my exercise time, especially when washing the car. Hart’s 20V pressurized vehicle cleaner provides greater pressure than standard garden hoses, and the included accessories help reduce waste and time.
When it comes to cleaning my truck, Hart’s cordless electric cleaner will make it easier. Out of the box, Hart has all the accessories for you to make Saturday’s car wash a breeze. The pressurized vehicle cleaner nozzle has three pressure settings and can direct pressures up to 320 PSI to whatever you want to clean.
I set the nozzle to 15° and sprayed the thick mud accumulated in the wheel well left by my recent weekend adventure. If you like fishing, turbo nozzles are great for removing fish mud from the deck of the boat, and then use the flush setting to rinse it all off after a long day in the bay.
Compared with other electric cleaners on the market, Hart pressurized vehicle cleaners are on the lower side of the PSI rating. Even so, there is still enough cleaning capacity to handle various tasks.
You can clean patio furniture, windows, screens, campers or ATVs. It does not work well for cleaning concrete or other surfaces that really require a higher PSI level to make garbage move. For these jobs, we still recommend using a full-size high pressure washer.
Unlike the more expensive electric cleaners with multiple pressure settings, there is only one Hart sprayer. In fact, we usually run our electric cleaners at high power no matter what, so having only one setting is not a real disadvantage.
The appearance of Hart’s cordless car cleaner is very similar to the appearance of an ordinary high-pressure washer. From tip to tail, it measures 39.5 inches in length, weighs less than 6 pounds, and is equipped with a 4.0Ah battery.
Although it is not “waterproof” by itself, the battery case does have a rubber gasket, and it can prevent splashes and bubbles from getting away from the battery pack.
Of the pressure cleaner nozzles we have seen, I like this one the most because it only contains the most practical settings. The 15° setting is ideal for removing stubborn dirt and grime, while the turbine and flush settings can remove any remaining debris or foam. In the box, you will also find a foamer attachment and a hard wheel brush attachment.
One of the main benefits of any electric cleaner is that it can be used without a nearby faucet. Whether you are using a bare tool or a kit, it includes a 20-foot siphon hose for cleaning on the go. This siphon hose can draw from any source of fresh water, such as lakes, rivers, swimming pools, or even a bucket of water.
The price of the Hart 20V cordless power cleaner is a very reasonable $98.00 without battery and charger. Based on comparable electric cleaners, this is the value for money you get. If you have not used Hart’s 20V battery system, you need to consider the cost of the battery and charger. Even better, pick up one of Hart’s combo kits and start using some power tools.
Although your high-pressure washer is still the best choice for most heavy cleaning tasks around your house, Hart’s 20V cordless pressurized vehicle cleaner is perfect for helping you clean more delicate things that the high-pressure washer might damage when you’re out. It is a great help when walking.
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Post time: Oct-27-2021