Oregon CS300 and Ryobi 18v ONE+ cordless electric pole trimmer: compare two cracked cordless electric saws

Which chain saw is best for your requirements-Oregon’s powerful trunk slicer or Ryobi’s powerful tree trimmer?
So, would you like to know which of the two heavy-duty cutting machines in the T3 Best Chain Saw Buying Guide is right for you? Well, you have come to the right place, because today we are going to look at two different types of cordless chainsaws to help you live easily and happily-there is no better word.
The chainsaw is powered in three different ways-cables, gasoline engines, and batteries. Anyone with a half brain would recommend staying away from an electric chain saw, because there is no marriage that is more incompatible than a fast-spinning chain saw and cable. This makes gasoline and batteries the best alternatives.
Gasoline-powered chain saws are clearly the first choice for professional tree surgeons because they work for hours at a time and require fast conventional fuel sources that batteries simply cannot provide. But the gasoline chain saw is very noisy and therefore scary. They are also heavy in the hand and require some TLC to keep the engine in top condition. This makes the humble battery the best source of fuel to meet the needs of most households. Really, unless you have a large area of ​​woodland that needs regular maintenance, a cordless chainsaw can do the job.
There are a large number of cordless chainsaws on the market, but we chose two contrasting models to understand how they perform in a specific discipline. Bring the powerful Oregon CS300 and the tall Ryobi 18v ONE+ Cordless 20cm Ple Pruner.
If you want strong cutting of large branches and trunks up to 10 inches in diameter, the Oregon CS300 is one of the best cordless models on the market. Oregon has invented the type of chain used in most modern chain saws, so you can be confident that the CS300 chain rod up to 40 inches will be able to cope with most garden pruning with perfect composure. Be sure to pour some lubricating oil chain oil into a sufficient liquid storage tank first.
The Oregon CS300 does not have a battery, so if you already have some Oregon garden equipment, you probably already have the right battery. If not, it will be equipped with Oregon’s 2.6Ah 36v battery, which can last for about 20 minutes. However, there are other more powerful batteries in the series that will run for more than an hour.
In addition to the efficiency of handling most major tasks, one of the best advantages of this model is that it has its own built-in chain grinder. Just run the motor and pull the red handle for about two seconds, and the chain will automatically become sharp.
The battery-equipped Oregon CS300 weighs about 7 kilograms and is not light, so perhaps avoid climbing a ladder to chop down tall branches. Instead, consider using the Ryobi 18v ONE+ cordless trimmer, which is designed for long-distance tasks.
Ryobi is a wonderful tool that can be used to reach tall branches and hard-to-reach areas without using a ladder or tearing your arms to tear the tricky ninja to pieces. Its chain rod is only 20 cm long, so it is only suitable for branches with a diameter of about 4 inches. In other words, four inches is a considerable width-about the largest diameter that most domestic users need to handle.
The chain saw consists of three main parts-a chain bar and a motor head with an extension bar, a battery with the same extension length, and a center bar that can be used when a high reach is required. With the full length connecting all the poles, this beast stretches to four meters, which is damn high in my book. Standing on a ladder for one meter, you can reach a five-meter-high branch-this is simply impossible, unless you risk your life and limbs to climb a very high ladder.
Most of these models do not have a battery, but because Ryobi’s ONE+ tool system is so popular, many potential users may already have the correct battery. The only real disappointment with this model is that the reservoir is really small, so you need to fill it up regularly. In addition, as is the norm for many chain saws, a lot of wood debris is stuck at the back of the chain, so you may need to open the lid from time to time to clean it up.
I tested the Oregon CS300 on an apple tree, and its 40 cm (16 inch) chain rod passed through a 3 inch long branch, as if it were made of white magnolia. So I chose something bigger, a seven-inch trunk from an 8-year-old Ceanothus, and I cut it in half effortlessly. This is an exemplary performer and the only chainsaw required in most major tree surgery courses.
In contrast, Ryobi proved himself when he touched tall branches. It is true that at full length, the bar system will bend when held horizontally, it does feel bulky and the arms are heavy-the included shoulder strap helps to relieve some of the pressure. Crucially, the 30° angle cutting head makes it easier to cut the top of the branches, while the top-heavy weight increases the cutting pressure, so the saw does all the heavy work. If there are many tall trees in the garden, this strapping model will become your new gardening tool.
There are smaller and cheaper cordless chainsaws than the Oregon CS300, but when it comes to serious Pollard, this chainsaw covers all the bases higher than the head height. This is where Ryobi intervenes. What are my final thoughts? If you can afford it, buy both at the same time, because then you can deal with all possible situations, whether it’s a thick 8-inch trunk or an out-of-reach 5-inch branch.
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Post time: Sep-01-2021