Saw season 1 episode 11 release date, time and where to watch


Chainsaw Man episode 10 gave fans a week of respite without worrying about the safety of their favorite characters. However, that doesn’t mean the episode is boring as we see Power (Voiced by Fairuz Ai) and Denji (Voiced by Kikunosuke Toya) with a very talented demon hunter named Kishibe (Voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda) training together. Whether the training will bring them any benefit in the future remains to be seen, but we, as fans, definitely hope so.
Episode 11 is scheduled to release on Crunchyroll on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 12:00 pm ET. The title of episode 11 is currently unknown, but it is approximately 23 minutes long.
Viewers around the world can subscribe to Crunchyroll to watch Saw episode 10 on the above dates.
Last week wasn’t very good for prediction as I hit 0 out of 3. I was expecting more fights with Katana Man, but this episode was surprisingly quieter in terms of injuries. However, the enemies are apparently still hiding and waiting to take action against Denji, so that doesn’t mean there won’t be more action this season. Let’s see if we can make better predictions this week.
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Post time: Mar-03-2023