stihl grass trimmer

For precise trimming of ornamental shrubs and small plants, look for 12V Stihl HSA 26 cordless gardening shears. This tool provides a compact and convenient two-in-one solution for handling your garden pruning with a level of detail suitable for discerning gardeners.
Traditionalists may be concerned about manual garden shears, but we want to know why? Stihl cordless garden shears provide grass and hedge shears to handle most of the precision pruning work required in your garden.
The accessories can be replaced quickly and easily. You only need to squeeze a pair of thumb pieces to separate the shear from the motor. This design looks a bit faster than the thumbscrews we saw on the Hart 20V lawnmower. This marks the second Stihl 12V cordless tool we have seen, so we want to know how many more products are in development.
Stihl HSA 26 gardening shears join the popular GTA 26 gardening shears on the AS battery platform. These tools are light and compact, making them ideal for more organized and detailed work in the garden. For example, with grass shears attached, HSA 26 weighs 1.9 pounds and measures 4.7 inches. Changing the blade attachment to hedge shears, you can add 2.2 pounds and 7.9 inches in length. In both cases, the tool remains light and compact.
Finally, while these tools seem to be all the rage among OPE manufacturers these days, Stihl claims that the optimized blade geometry on the HSA 26 garden shears provides smoother and cleaner cuts than previous versions of the tool and competitors.
For Stihl HSA 26, you have several configuration options. You can use it as a bare metal, or it can be equipped with AS 2 batteries, AL 1 chargers and bags. Stihl priced the bare metal at $89.99 and the package at $129.99. This comes with Stihl’s 2-year limited warranty.
For more information about the Stihl series cordless OPE, including how to find your nearest distributor, please click here.
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