What are the operation steps and precautions of chain saw?

1. Before use, you must carefully read the operating instructions of the chain saw to understand the characteristics, technical performance and precautions of the chain saw.


2. Fill up the fuel tank and oil tank before use; Adjust the tightness of the saw chain, neither too loose nor too tight.


3. Operators shall wear work clothes, helmets, labor protection gloves, dust-proof glasses or face shields before operation.


4. After the engine starts, the operator holds the rear saw handle with his right hand and the front saw handle with his left hand. The angle between the machine and the ground cannot exceed 60 °, but the angle should not be too small, otherwise it is difficult to operate.


5. When cutting, the lower branches shall be cut first, and then the upper branches. Heavy or large branches shall be cut in sections.


Post time: Oct-27-2022